Who we are


Architecture is the setting for everyday life, so it plays an extremely important role for human beings. We try to create functional and original solutions so that every experience can be lived to the fullest.


Thinking and creating spaces in which people experience public and private moments of their day.

Designing and implementing projects guided by the logic of creativity, flexibility, dynamism, speed and cost control, in order to impress our clients.

Making the ideas, inputs and dreams of designers come true by giving them shape through our all-Italian know-how, without renouncing on quality and in compliance with the budget.


  • Image depicting an achieved goal
    Project Assessment
    Focus on customer needs, concept and budget.
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  • Project management
  • Economic Analysis
    Design study defines a correct and sustainable budget.
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  • Engineering
    Comprehensive and detailed engineering for every item.
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  • Detail drawings
    Shop drawings for the production of the items.
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  • Prototyping
    An early representation of an idea solution.
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  • Production and quality control
    Monitor on each phase and quality guaranteed.
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  • Purchasing
    Local artisans and famous brands for competitive prices.
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  • Logistics
    Optimize delivery times and costs so as to meet clients’ deadlines.
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  • Complete fit out and installation
    Strong direction, dedicated teams to respect the timetable.
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    Customer lifetime approach
    We don’t leave our customers alone.
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What makes us different



Imagine solutions others don’t see


Problem solving

Stick to the budget, delivery times and agreed quality



Hotels, food, housing, wellness, retail and offices



Process optimization, thus no extra closure days for client



Every product is customized by Italian knowhow



Every technical, logistic and budget challenge can be solved

G Newspaper

The “G Newspaper” is a periodic information publication on an annual basis. The aim is to keep up to date the clients, and more in general the subjects interested in Gitaly, on realized projects, news, themes dear to the company and, why not, on facts of general interest. The desire is also to offer a personal and different vision of things.