Hotel Marmont public areas

A trendy and cozy Hotel

Hotel Marmont public areas

A trendy and cozy Hotel

3, Rue de Prince street, Geneva, CH, 1204

In the heart of Prince street in Geneva rises up the Hotel Marmont. Each M3 Group Hotel is distinguished by the world and the unique experiences enclosed inside. We took care of the project of the entire Hotel, first we realized that of the rooms and this year, in 2023, we finished that of the public areas. 


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    Project Assessment
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  • Engineering
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Key points

Project-assessment- Gitaly contract

Project Assessment

Inside Hotel Marmont there are two restaurants: Cafè Marmont and restaurant HOME. HOME is a chain launched by the M3 Group, present in Meyrin and Etoy. It is not a simple restaurant, it is a real place to live, welcoming, domestic, in which to feel just like home. This atmosphere is born from the union between space and design articulated around a precise intention. We resumed the chain concept, declining and developing it to adapt it both to the style and design of the entire Hotel and to the context in which the hotel is located, namely the city center.

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For this project, the client had set an opening date to be respected. We looked for purchase products that could respect the deadlines and carefully followed and coordinated the production of all custom furniture. Two shipments were organized, as requested by the customer, to complete the installation in two weeks. This involved an accurate management of all the material to have it in the house before delivery.


The M3 Group has a clear idea of launching a new concept of hospitality; imagining hotels with an original, unique, extravagant design, new worlds where you can live unique experiences. As for roms project, also for the public areas the client had his own precise vision of style and design to be researched. Consistency, stylistic harmony with the rooms, aesthetics, functionality and integration of the HOME concept within the realization were the fundamental points around which to rotate the entire project. We took care of the realization of all the custom furniture and of the supply of the freestanding elements such as chairs, tables, benches. To recall the rooms design and concept, essential lines were preferred and tubular structures were used just like for the “Meuble de Vie” and “chariot” of the rooms. We were able to perfectly integrate the HOME concepT, which represented for us a project in the project, with the rest of the public areas spaces. Our technicians, designers and architects worked together to give to each element the functional and aesthetic characteristics. Each piece of furniture, such as the bar counter in the Marmont restaurant and café, was embellished by a light play and the particular materials. The essential lines and colors of the furniture were combined with purchase elements with the most striking and bright colors. The result is a hotel inspired by the heART. 

Project challenge


One of the main challenges in this project was to meet the customer’s opening dates. The rooms project had already been completed last year, so the hotel had to come into operation as soon as possible. Research  freestanding solutions that could meet the deadlines, required a lot of work as well as coordinating the production of custom-made elements that incorporate a myriad of different details and materials. In addition, a tight planning of two weeks was established to complete the installation, for which we had to manage logistics and shipments in order to be able to respect the client’s requests. 


Weeks of realization

Time saving

Financial saving

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Clients and architects like you are constantly asking us to bring their custom design projects to life. It’s easy to say it … and yet the challenges are many, but seeing you satisfied is for us (as good Italians), like “cheese on macaroni”, simply great.


Geneva – Swiss

3, Rue de Prince street, Geneva, CH, 1204


Hotel Marmont public areas

A trendy and cozy Hotel

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