Hotel N’VY ****S

Arty. Cosy. Trendy.

Hotel N’VY ****S

Arty. Cosy. Trendy.

18, Richemont street, Geneva, CH, 1202

In the beating heart of Geneva, an elegant, care-free way of life. Full of spaces where energy and emotion flow freely and where technology merges with life, Hotel N’vY boasts a boho-chic lifestyle. This new concept replaces need with desire.


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    Project Assessment
    Focus on customer needs, concept and budget.
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  • Project management
  • Economic Analysis
    Design study defines a correct and sustainable budget.
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  • Engineering
    Comprehensive and detailed engineering for every item.
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  • Detail drawings
    Shop drawings for the production of the items.
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  • Prototyping
    An early representation of an idea solution.
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  • Production and quality control
    Monitor on each phase and quality guaranteed.
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  • Purchasing
    Local artisans and famous brands for competitive prices.
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  • Logistics
    Optimize delivery times and costs so as to meet clients’ deadlines.
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  • Complete fit out and installation
    Strong direction, dedicated teams to respect the timetable.
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    Customer lifetime approach
    We don’t leave our customers alone.
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Key points

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Complete fit out and installation

In only six months we completed the fit-out works for 153 rooms and all public spaces in the Hotel.

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We believe that furniture plays a vital role in client Hotel experience and in hotel management. Based on the client’s requirement in terms of design, image, and budget we supplied furniture fully in line with client specifications and the architect’s requests. Our professional furniture solutions must be practical, flexible and stylish in equal parts.

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The exclusive bed solutions is a clear example of that. Architect idea was a suspended bed. To meet the Hotel’s needs in terms of management and the constraints of construction, we create a bed fully surrounded by mirrors reflecting all surfaces making it look suspended. This idea was designed and built, afterwards improved in details and the final touch was the addition of the lighting.


For the Hotel N’vy we worked on the design of the rooms and public areas in collaboration with the well-known architect Patrick Ribes. In synergy with him and his studio we have designed rooms full of vibrant energy in which modern details, street style, futuristic works of art and a wide palette of colors coexist. Fusion style design furniture completes the work by creating very glamorous boho-chic settings. Great attention has been paid to the search for cutting-edge technological solutions: chromotherapy, RGB lighting, LED TV, interactive touch-screen tables and the latest generation wellness centre. This oasis full of light and technology has a composite urban atmosphere that invites you to relax. In the rooms we have proposed a combination of styles for the furniture, fresh colors and modular rooms to give the user the best possible experience. We also worked on the entrance of the public areas, bar, restaurant, café and other service areas. Each space has a strong identity, that makes the project more complex and interesting at the same time. The interior design concept accentuates the promotion of art in all areas of the Hotel thanks to contemporary works and permanent exhibitions by international artists.

The architect: Patrick Ribes

We have collaborated with the Paris studio in perfect harmony. Ribes enjoys an international reputation in the projecting of luxury design contract spaces. He is responsible for important projects for Givenchy, Dior, Guerlain.

The translation of an art to be experienced, mixed with relaxation, nonconformity, lightness and elegance.

Project challenge

Unforeseen during the yard

At yard level, the most difficult challenge for this project was discovering the presence of asbestos in the building. The removal of asbestos requires that determined zones and exits can be occupied only by specialized company, for this reason, during the demolition we have reviewed all yard operations in order to respect the already short timing of delivery.

Smart bed solution

All client’s ideas were transformed in details, decorations, materials, furnishings by the technical/design office. All this in full compliance with the client’s budget and considering our experience in the Hotel operations. For example, we had the idea to apply a strip with the mirror under the sommier of the bed to make the effect of a floating bed combining the architect’s idea concerning the type of bed and the practicality that the Hotel requires in the daily management operations.


Months of realization

Time saving

Financial saving


N’vy was the most important project that we give to Gitaly. The company has managed to make us gain time and budget that is why we work with them and why they have our full confidence.

Francis Geromin

Purchasing manager at Manotel Hotel Group Geneva

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Geneva – Swiss

18, Richemont street, Geneva, CH, 1202


Hotel N’VY ****S

Arty. Cosy. Trendy.

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