Nash Airport Hotel****

Focus on design and function

Nash Airport Hotel****

Focus on design and function

11, Chemin de la Violette street, Cointrin, CH, 1216

Nash Airport Hotel is located at Cointrin, between the International Airport of Geneva and the Palexpo. Previously it was a Swiss Air Hotel. The client decided to renovate the building adding two floors. At the same time two buildings located near the Hotel become part of the complex.


  • Project management
  • Economic Analysis
    Design study defines a correct and sustainable budget.
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  • Engineering
    Comprehensive and detailed engineering for every item.
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  • Detail drawings
    Shop drawings for the production of the items.
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  • Prototyping
    An early representation of an idea solution.
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  • Production and quality control
    Monitor on each phase and quality guaranteed.
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  • Purchasing
    Local artisans and famous brands for competitive prices.
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  • Logistics
    Optimize delivery times and costs so as to meet clients’ deadlines.
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  • Complete fit out and installation
    Strong direction, dedicated teams to respect the timetable.
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Key points

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The aim was to respect the result that the construction company and client required in terms of functional and aesthetic quality, budget and timing. The society of construction contacted us in mid-summer and in the end of October we had already delivered and installed all the materials. So, in this case, thanks to our organization, we have posed the focus on velocity of execution, but always respecting all the steps necessary to assure a quality final result.


Nash Airport needed structural reinforcement before the two new floors offering 35 rooms and 2 additional apartments were raised. The existing facades had to be completely renovated to reach current standards. The choice was made of an elevation which is part of the continuity of the original expression of the building, the two added floors being subtly differentiated to allow the whole to retain its initial consistency. The transformation of Nash Airport was an opportunity to make it compliant with fire and, above all, anti-seismic standards. The elevation of the two levels is a light load-bearing structure made of wood-metal, thus saving weight and speeding up installation. The renovation and expansion required the complete closure of the Hotel. However, there was no question of cutting yourself off from the clientele. A precisely timed operation has been set up which encompasses the entire future complex. Work therefore began in April 2017 with the construction of Nash Cointrin, a “four star plus”, in parallel ten months later with those of Nash Pratik, a Hotel focused on design and functionality. Both Hotels were able to enter service in the spring of 2019. It was at this point that work began on Nash Airport, with new entrants ensuring continued operations. The work was carried out at a very high pace since Nash Airport reopened after only seven months, in January 2020.

Project challenge

Watchword: velocity

In Nash Airport Hotel project the challenge was to enter a site already underway with a tight schedule. From the very first steps of the evaluations we also had to compress the timings as much as possible. We managed to coordinate the production, logistics and installation respecting the deadlines that we had agreed with the client. The construction company has always been available and highly competent in the general organisation.


Realization months

Time saving

Financial saving


The final result has satisfied the client. We have mixed our experience, energy, professionalism, flexibility and rapidity with Gitaly to work in the best way.

Florian Chebance

Site Manager at Grisoni Zaugg Sa

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Cointrin – Swiss

11, Chemin de la Violette street, Cointrin, CH, 1216


Nash Airport Hotel****

Focus on design and function

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