Crowne Plaza Zurich***Superior

Contemporary and welcoming mood

Crowne Plaza Zurich*** Superior

Contemporary and welcoming mood

420, Badenerstrasse street, Zurich, CH, 8040

Crowne Plaza Zurich Hotel offers four-star accommodation in the trendy Zurich West district, with fast routes to the heart of the city. The Hotel offers different types of services to make your experience unique.


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Key points

Project-assessment- Gitaly contract


The same client of Geneva commissioned us to develop the project for the public areas of the Crowne Plaza in Zurich, entrusting us with an important task that took us beyond the borders of the French-speaking cantons where we have already consolidated many years of experience. This dual partnership with the Crowne Plaza chain of Hotels is the result of the relationship of trust that has been established over time with the client, to whom we have been able to offer the design, logistical and organizational support required, in full respect of established deadlines and budgets.

Project-assessment- Gitaly contract


At the design level we started from the initial images elaborated by Guglielmo Ori elaborated and we have refined the choices of trims, furniture, lighting and decorations. Although the area of the restaurant had been completely approved by client and developed in detail, during the work, the client decided to entrust the restaurant  to the well-known Theo Randall franchising, and for this we have adapted some of our choices to the franchising concept.


For this Hotel we decided to involve as art director architect Guglielmo Ori, in order to give an elegant, but contemporary style to the Hotel. Just a stone’s throw from the lively Langstrasse district and not far from the city centre, the Crowne Plaza Zurich has a sparkling style, characterized by a perfectly harmonious stylistic dialogue between the public areas and the rest of the Hotel. In the breakfast area the light tones of calacatta marble combined with pastel colours accompany the customer in a relaxing chromatic-sensory experience. In stark contrast, the style of the restaurant and bar, visible from the street through very fine copper-coloured metal mesh, is characterized by black marble cladding enlivened by furnishing elements with metal finishes ranging from silver to gold, copper and chairs in elegant, yet decisive tones. In the hall the colours are bright and guests are welcomed by soft tones, enlivened by more intense touches of colour in the seats that create a lively and modern ambience. A perfect combination of functionality and style. In this project we took care of all the aspects and phases of the renovation; in addition to the restyling with which we wanted to impress the client by creating custom elements designed by Architect Guglielmo Ori, we also took care of the plant engineering and coordination of the site in all the executive steps.

The architect: Guglielmo Ori

Trained at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Bologna, Guglielmo Ori boasts collaborations with leading architects of international renown, including Jan Kleihues of Berlin and Peter Eisenman, with a studio in New York. Also, he started a collaboration on cultural and theoretical activities as well as architectural international built projects and competitions.

Project challenge

Discovering Zurich

The challenge for Crowne Plaza Zurich project has been surely at the logistic and yard level. In fact, we have worked in Zurich where we don’t have the same consolidated experience that we have in French cantons of Geneva. At construction site level it has been necessary to organize the jobs in steps with a precise compartmentalisation of these, because the Hotel was open and also usually frequented by large groups of organized trips. In this project we also directed the works and coordinated the part of the plant engineering in order to proceed within a short time. In fact, at the plant engineering/legislative level, there were a lot of unexpected and discoveries during the demolition phase. Thanks to our flexibility, we have solved the problems and completed the works in the according timing.


Months of realization

Time saving

Financial saving

This is the Architect of Crowne Plaza Zurich. - Gitaly contract

The Hotel remained open for the entire duration of the work, for this reason we had to divide the yard into functional blocks and in a stage of advancement. It was hard, but we did it.

Guglielmo Ori

Architect at Guglielmo Ori Architetto

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Zurich – Swiss

420, Badenerstrasse street, Zurich, CH, 8040


Crowne Plaza Zurich***Superior

Contemporary and welcoming mood

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