Le domaine du mas de Pierre

French-style paradise

Le domaine du mas de Pierre

French-style paradise

2320 Rte des Serres, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, FR, 06570


The “Domaine du Mas de Pierre” is a 5-star Resort & spa, Relais & Châteaux and offers to its guests a casual luxury atmosphere and the sensation of feeling at home. Located in Provence, in the heart of a Mediterranean garden, the Hotel is the perfect place for a relaxing stay. 


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Key points

Image depicting a pencil and a square.

Details drawings

This project is characterized by the variety of furniture and materials used because there isn’t any furniture like the other. That’s why we had to make detailed drawings for the production and realization of each individual element. Particular attention should be given to the Oste table, a table almost six meters long, made entirely of oak, for which we have designed every single detail and put in place a careful research to identify the wooden boards to make it. 

Image depicting a quality process

Production and quality control

The variety, singularity and uniqueness of all the elements have made mass production and the use of machinery impossible. All the materials used, such as walnuts, oaks, have been treated with natural processes.  

Image depicting a roller for painting

Complete fit out and installation

In this project, there was a perfect fusion and harmony between the design phase, the choice of samples, the realization until the installation. This allowed us to perfectly recreate the desired style.


The “Domaine du Mas de Pierre” is a luxurious and picturesque five-star Resort and Relais, with Provencal charm and appeal located in the Provencal countryside. Familiar names such as the architect Philippe Caron, interior designer Patrick Ribes and landscape architect Bruno Ricci, have over the years redesigned this historic place. We have taken care of the restructuring or better the restoration of public areas, including carpentry works. It was a real restoration in style, what in French is called “à l’identique”. 

Each element has been studied in detail to reflect the initial project, the Provencal atmosphere and the style of the ’50s that characterize the entire structure. The furniture present has been disassembled and subsequently restored and redesigned inserting new elements but maintaining the initial style, while others have been realized ad hoc following style, finishes, details of those pre-existing. We have carried out a careful analysis to choose natural materials such as solid wood (walnut, oak, etc.), more suitable to preserve the authenticity that characterizes the whole. About sixteen different elements have been restored/made by us. Even the details of the latter are really extraordinary, for example the knobs of some furniture look like real antique gold  brooches, used at the time to charm and embellish hats matching women’s and men’s clothing, In some counters, instead, silver decorations have been inserted. In the restaurant area we realized a door completely painted.

The architect: Patrick Ribes

We have collaborated with the Paris studio in perfect harmony. Ribes enjoys an international reputation in the projecting of luxury design contract spaces. He is responsible for important projects for Givenchy, Dior, Guerlain. 

Project challenge

Restoration in style

The main challenge is linked to the nature of the project itself: the restoration of a hotel conceived as an artwork, super luxurious. A restoration in style then, what we can define “à l’identique”. To do this, we have placed extreme attention and mastery both at joinery and treatments level to which all existing and restored furniture have been subjected. 


Months of realization

Time saving

Financial saving

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Clients and architects like you are constantly asking us to bring their custom design projects to life. It’s easy to say it … and yet the challenges are many, but seeing you satisfied is for us (as good Italians), like “cheese on macaroni”, simply great.


Saint-Paul de Vence – France

2320 Rte des Serres, Saint Paul de Vence, FR, 06570 


Le domaine du mas de Pierre

Franch-style paradise

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