by Elisabetta Boldrini - Project Manager

«Beautiful outside but...what about inside?»

Yes, I know, I’m not crazy, I’ve already asked you this question in a previous article. Didn’t you read it? What are you waiting for? Read it, l’ll wait here, sitting at my desk.

We came to the conclusion that a Hotel must be as beautiful on the outside as it must be on the inside.

We took care of the outer beauty last time, today we are sentimental and romantic and we talk about the inner beauty.

Yes, because it is true that the first impression a customer makes of your Hotel depends on the external image of your structure, but then if you want that this positive consideration persists, it is necessary to ensure that the inside is at the height of the outside. 

Do you remember the fateful flying elephants? Let’s put them.

No, seriously, let’s leave the elephants where they are already on the verge of extinction and focus on the rest.

We consider the spaces that a guest lives most. What are they? The Hotel rooms.

Yes, the rooms.The internal judgment on your structure will depend in large not only by the services and experience provided but also by the style, comfort and beauty of the rooms.

Don’t you believe me? Take a tour on booking or tripadvisor (to name two, we don’t sponsor anyone), and read what people mostly review.

No, wait, do it later, now read the article. I put so much effort into writing it that it would be a shame if you stopped reading here.

If this is not a reason enough for you, I give you another: discover how to make the rooms of your Hotel unique, and what style is right for you.

«Keep up with..»

…the change. Buddha said “the only constant of life is change” (I told you that today we will be sentimental), and he was right.

The choice of furniture and the style of the hotel rooms is also strongly influenced by the continuous changes and novelties that affect this sector.

If you want that “keep up with the change” is not only a title (it would be a bit sad) but your way of being, you have to consider that it is essential to design each individual structure analyzing some essential aspects in order to achieve a final result that is satisfactory for you and that surprises your guests.

To choose the most suitable style for your Hotel rooms or the project that you need to realize in case you are an architect, It is necessary to keep in mind not only the type of stay you want to offer but also the type of image and personality that you want to give to the structure, always pointing to originality and uniqueness.

When it comes to Hotel rooms style, we usually refer to two main types: the classic and the modern.

«Old but gold»

In Italy we would say “old chicken makes good broth”, yes, today I have a love for animals.

However, the classic style, forgive me the pun, is a great classic that never sets, always beautiful, always current.

It is easy to recognize it, the Hotel rooms in this style are characterized by the decorations, the furnishings that recall the historical style until the early 900.

They are usually chosen sober colors such as beige, powder blue and light spots are carefully studied, all to lighten the environment and avoid excesses.

The furniture is usually made of fine wood, abundantly decorated, in contrast to the neutral color given to floors, paintings and fabrics.

This style best fits for the large spaces, able to enhance the design and elegance and suitable for large furniture sizes.

We have met several times to realize this style for our customers and considering that the furniture must give the sense of uniqueness and exclusivity in this style, we have often turned to master craftsmen who, following our designs, have made unique pieces.

Examples among many? Let’s move to Greece and then go back to Rome (no it’s not a film about the Romans).

In Greece precisely in Sparta we have realized as well as the public areas and the restaurant, the rooms for the Hotel Menelaion.

The goal was to preserve the beauty, neoclassical style and history of this structure.

For this reason we opted for a classic style, paying particular attention to functionality and equipment to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay. The colors chosen for the rooms are soft, neutral, the large boiserie and the desk were made of wood.

The light points, carefully studied, lighten the environment creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The classic style has been mixed with elements reminiscent of Greek history such as bas-reliefs and prints.

Example of classic Hotel rooms - Gitaly contract
xample of classic Hotel rooms - Gitaly contract

We return to Italy, precisely to Rome, precisely near Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna, precisely to the Hotel De Russie.

The Hotel rooms have undergone a total change and a new concept has been designed to ensure a better level of aesthetics and a better exploitation of the spaces. 

Here too, the classic style of the rooms is highlighted by the choice of pastel shades from green to blue, to ivory-sand with sophisticated shades of amethyst

The furniture and furnishings are linear, in wood, with precious black and orange lacquers.

«Modern times»

I start by telling you that even in this case it’s not Charlie Chaplin’s modern times movie, but I liked the title.

We consider the opposite style, even if not too much (we know that opposites attract), of the classic style that is the modern style. 

The modern design is characterized, despite the continuous changes, by the dynamism, the asymmetry of the lines, the use of unusual materials, the colored furnishings and the contrasting combinations.

A classic example? Or rather a modern example? You know I like them.

The Crowne Plaza Geneva suites.

In collaboration with the architect Celia Chu, we have created modern suites without falling into the trends of the moment, except for some elements such as the pied de poule fabric for the sofas.

The rooms are characterized by clean lines, the spaces are open to give the idea of amplitude and freedom, the bathroom is exposed and in some suites there is a hot tub near the bed.

The colors are as bright as the acid green chosen for the bed wall, while the carpet is characterized by geometric shapes.

Example of modern Hotel rooms - Gitaly contract
Example of modern Hotel rooms - Gitaly contract

«There are other fish in the sea»

I told you I’m obsessed with animals today. Anyway, let’s get serious.

Those just described are two extremes, easily recognizable, whose design follows guidelines from which you start to be able to create unique and highly customizable projects.

From these styles are born contaminants that can have characteristics all their own or recall some elements or traits of these.

The possibilities are endless, then depend, as already said, by the image and personality that you want to give your structure.

I want to give you some examples.


You know my titles are never randomly chosen. The word “evergreen” expresses something that is always current, something that never goes out of fashion, that does not end up being considered obsolete, without time.

Chanel’s handbag is a classic example, or in our sector, the Flos bow or the 1919 armchair by Renzo Frau, to be clear.

For me the elegant and refined style is an “evergreen”.

With its contaminations, its possible applications, and its fit perfectly to other styles, it is an “evergreen” and can be used perfectly to “keep up with the change”.

We consider the Hotel Royal in Geneva for example.

We recreated a welcoming, elegant and refined atmosphere, finding the right balance between the fabrics, neutral colors, finishes, furniture and furnishings carefully selected and made. The colors carefully chosen for the Hotel rooms tend to silver and they are illuminated by the  touches of brighter finishes.  

The elegant materials of the fabrics and the attention to every single detail, make everything perfect.

Imagine it in 2050, it will still be beautiful and current.

«So cool so trendy»

The term trendy can be applied to a multitude of fields and designates everything that is the latest fashion. It’s necessary to intercept the trends of the moment, this involves research but also passion, and put them in the field, obviously always adding your own personal touch.

A person can be trendy (are you?), but also a movie, a song, an item of clothing and why not also Hotel rooms.

Are you waiting for an example of this style? Here it is: the N’Vy Hotel in Geneva, a real art Hotel.

The Hotel rooms are characterized by modern details that perfectly coexist with details of street style, futuristic works and a wide range of bright and bright colors.

The graffiti above the headboard of the bed, the zebra walls, the mirrors with a singular shape, make it a Hotel “out of the box”.

The design furniture is in Fusion style, the light points and the carefully selected technology such as RGB LEDs allow you to choose the color of the light you want, creating an urban atmosphere, which invites you to relax.

Ah, to create a highly futuristic environment, considering the design of architect Patrick Ribes we have created solutions to give the impression that the beds are suspended and floating.

« characteristic»

What does it mean to “be characteristic” for a style? Beh, it means to collect and incorporate in itself all the distinctive and typical features of a place that you want to recreate, whether it is near or far.

In this case it is necessary to research authentic, distinctive and characteristic materials, colors and furnishings, because you know, anyone likes fake things.

So, why not recreate the typical atmosphere of a Swiss chalet in the center of Geneva?

This is what we did for the Hotel Edelweiss.

The Manotel Group operates six hotels each with a unique concept, clearly distinguished one from the other, while sharing the group’s key values about hospitality. 

The idea for the Edelweiss was to offer to the customer all the uniqueness of a Swiss chalet and to create a different place in the heart of Geneva.

Thanks to our craftsmen we were able to make this place more modern, sandblasting the wood (the main element of the rooms) and denaturing it in the colors of gray, which fits perfectly with the elements in stone and wrought iron.

In order to better characterize the Hotel rooms, furniture with softer lines has been created and black and white photos of the Swiss Alps have been inserted.

I said before “that it is a place near or far”, and we have recreated in Geneva a place as far away as China and an art as far as Feng Shui.

I’m talking about Hotel Jade. 

The Hotel, designed by architect Patrick Ribes, is totally inspired by China and Feng Shui.

To recreate this atmosphere, for the rooms we chose colors such as ocher, red, blue, green, white, associated with the 5 elements of Feng Shui (earth, fire, water, wood and metal).

The finishes are made with authentic and refined materials such as bamboo, wenge, ikat, to give a touch of serenity and balance.

Hotel Jade, an example of characteristic stye for Hotel rooms - Gitaly contract

«Is not beautiful what is beautiful but what pleases»

The subject is very broad, we could talk about it endlessly, but I don’t think I should do it now, I’ve already written over 2000 words.

I end by telling you that the possibilities of choosing a style for Hotel rooms are endless, and that and the characteristics of each style are just guidelines, then you need to put some imagination, creativity and care, especially in the choice of materials, finishes, solutions and in the realization of custom furniture.

I know it well, I do it for years for my customers and architects.