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by Elisabetta Boldrini - Commercial Manager

«Black swan»

Do you know what a black swan is? Yeah, I know you’re thinking about the movie, but you’re out of line, and no, there’s no Natalie Portman either. 

All right, now that the introductions have been made, let’s get back to the speech. 

Black swans, or rather the black swan theory, in economics is a metaphor that describes an unforeseen event, and that has relevant effects.

The Wassily chair also known as model B3 designed by architect and designer Marcel Breuer is an example. Who would have thought of such a thing in 1925? 

Okay, it’s not exactly a black swan, but I’m still hooked and I love it’s design.

Coronavirus is a black swan instead, both for its unpredictability and for its effects.

The hotel industry has suffered and is still suffering a great deal.

You will tell me, as they say in Italy; “you have discovered hot water”, that I didn’t make a great discovery.

You’re right, but today I want to talk about how to start again, starting from the spaces, or rather from their design, to be able to adapt to all the effects and all the consequences caused by the current situation.

«A penny for your thoughts»

Who would you pay to know what he thinks? I guess the answer is: the customers.

Yes, because you want to know what they want, what they need, what are the new trends, what they think, to be able to satisfy them at best (I would like to pay you).

Well, but don’t break the piggy bank, there’s no need, a penny saved is a penny earned.

I took care to “pay” for you.

Let’s say that the coronavirus has greatly changed our habits and our lifestyle leading us to new awareness (if I think that I cut my own hair, I pass out).

We’ve become more technological, in fact we’ve used technology to work, to study, to keep in touch. 

We worked remotely looking for a balance. I have to laugh but.. the searches for “comfortable office chair” or “adjustable high desk” as well as “walks in the woods nearby” to unplug jumped to the stars. 

We looked for new forms of fun or virtual visits to museums. There are also those who have been for months in an apartment maybe on the 10th floor without even a garden.

And that, as I said, affected our habits and behaviors, which are the same habits as the guests of your facility or the guests of your client’s facility in case you are an architect.

So, we have to take that into account, when we design spaces and environments, in order to be able to offer something that meets these new needs. That’s the only way you’ll be chosen over one of your competitors.

But we go into more detail, I certainly didn’t pay to know only this. 


Have you ever heard of bleisure tourism? If the answer is no, I’ll explain. It is the possibility of reconciling work and relaxation, and it is a growing phenomenon, much appreciated by workers-travelers.

Remote work, in fact, became a “mainstream” during the pandemic, this has generated, as I told you, a substantial increase of people who are looking for longer trips, so as to combine work and pleasure.

We will therefore see an increase of the “workstation”, which is travelers who will try to extend their holiday experience to stay a week or more to work remotely, away from home.

And so I ask you, what do we do? We design spaces in line with this new trend, It’s not rocket science.

How? By making them more flexible and functional, it’s not rocket science part 2.

In fact, considering public spaces, the new keyword becomes flexibility, that is, spaces in which different functions can coexist.

So, for example, a customer in a lobby can find a space to relax, work, and perform business meetings. 

This obviously requires an adaptation or rethinking of the current space and furniture, diversifying it.

The Manotel Group at Hotel N’Vy has moved in this direction.

In fact, we have just finished the work in the breakfast room and in the “zone du ciel étoilé”.

The aim? Making spaces more flexible .

What did we do? In the breakfast room we have differentiated the furniture, inserting normal breakfast/meal tables but also high tables and at last various types of seats: standard, lounge, high.

In this way the guests can, at the same time, have a normal breakfast, but also work in these spaces both at breakfast and in the various moments of the day, or organize an appointment for breakfasts or business meetings

This new project also had another aim: making sure that the breakfast room did not remain an unused space.

In fact, following the coronavirus, the Hotel has witnessed an increase in requests for breakfast in the room; therefore, the breakfast area risked to remain a “dark” space, for this, and for the reasons explained above, was given one/more new functionality.

Even the “zone du ciel étoilé”, has been designed in this sense, making it an alternative and emotional space in which guests can relax.

New design for the "zone du ciel étoié" - Gitaly contract
New design for breakfast room of Hotel N'Vy - Gitaly contract
New design for breakfast room of Hotel N'Vy - Gitaly contract

Or you can expect, as Yotel already did before the pandemic, rooms suitable for long stay, provided with a multitude of different services. 

In addition, you can decide, in the event that in your structure there are spaces currently unused or obsolete, to use and convert them, into common areas or private rooms, to better meet this new need.

«..saving for a rainy day»

You save for difficult times, I already did the “dirty work”.

And you know what I found out? One of the keywords to restart post covid is technology.

Think about it, over these two years, we’ve become more and more technological, and those who didn’t know it before, have discovered how much technology simplifies life.

And now? Now we absolutely don’t want to go back. Of course we wouldn’t want to go back to seeing people just through a screen, but for other things, now, we almost demand the use of technology. 

An example? For check-in, or for the transport of suitcases in the room.

Having a contactless check-in or automatic luggage transport system, would reduce not only the minutes lost at the reception or to bring luggage into the room, but also the contact between customers and operators and, at last, the cost of staff (that, in covid time, is not unwelcome).

Yotel did it before the coronavirus, yes, they’re ahead. On the other hand, they base their design and brand on the use of technology.

Wouldn’t you want to try if the luggage system really works and the suitcase comes directly to your room? I’ll do it.

Technological design to bring luggage directly to the room - Gitaly contract
Technological design for check-in - Gitaly contract
Technological bed - Gitaly contract

«The call of the forest»

No, not even here I’m referring to the film, but to the new trend of nature travel, away from crowded places, in search of the well-being of the mind and body.

Do you remember the famous people who lived for months in apartments on the 10th floor? There are many, and these people have only one need: to be outdoors.

But, the speech is worth a little for everyone. It has been difficult months of “confinement”. 

And I’m not lying. I have the testimony of one of our clients

In fact, the Everness Hotel & Resort **, located in Chavannes de Bogis, has experienced a real boom in bookings.

The hotel, as you can see, is surrounded by nature and the surrounding vineyards, and is not far from Lake Geneva and the Alps.

But, the favorable position wasn’t enough for the owners: in recent months we have finished the work of the facades to create a greater balance and connection with nature and the surrounding vineyards.  

In fact, the facades and the exterior staircases have been completely redesigned

For the first, we opted for a reflective material that could reflect the sky and change color according to light, for the latter, instead, we chose to cover it with a geometric texture module with perforated triangles to recall the idea of vine leaves.

Everness Hotel & Resort **, the exterior design is connected to the nature - Gitaly contract

(Do you want to know more about the design of facades? I wrote an article about this.)

But, and here’s a big “but”, how to meet this trend if your facility is not positioned on top of the Alps but in the city?

Also in this case we’ll help you, in fact, we have written an article on how to design your own interior spaces to create a connection with nature (maybe in addition to working in the contract sector we will also become writers one day).

«Game in hand»

Yes, we have the game in hand. We have already analyzed many aspects, but we still have a “game” to play. In sports terms, this is an advantage because there is another possibility to collect points and to overcome the opposing “teams”.

So let’s get the game home.

As I said, during the pandemic we looked for new forms of fun, and the stress of everyday life brought  people to want to pull the plug and to look for new forms of evasion.

For this reason, as we told you in a previous article (did you read it?), you are looking for something more than a simple stay in a Hotel. 

We are looking for something that can surprise us, interrupt this new heavy routine, have fun and not let us think about everything that happens around us.

I can assure you (since I’ve been working on a project of this kind for months), that is increasing the demand from Hotels or simple customers/architects to design spaces and use them as entertainment areas.

We already talked to you about the Selfie Hotel, too. At the Alpha Palmiers Hotel, in fact, no less than twenty-four rooms have been emptied to create an interactive world in which there are several sets.

And I’ll tell you a secret: every day, a myriad of guests are welcomed.

We are also working on a project of this kind.

In this case it’s a games room in which, inside, there are rooms with different characteristics, worlds, styles, and furniture. 

There is for example the karaoke room with pop art style or the Tokyo style or the chalet style, and imagine, an existing elevator will be transformed into a selfie room.

I think, correct me if I’m wrong, that, adding also this last advice to design the spaces, to better intercept post covid trends, we win the game.

Now you’re ready, you just have to contact us.

Design of karaoke room - Gitaly contract
Design of karaoke room - Gitaly contract
Design of karaoke room - Gitaly contract
Architect by profession - Gitaly contract


«Unity is strength»

I know, I may be a bit banal, but I believe in it, and so I say it, unity is strength.

I think that by working together, bringing each one their own knowledge, experiences, ways of doing, will be easier to achieve a certain aim.  

It’s like in a relay, everyone contributes to the final result and everyone, of course, has to do his part well to reach the goal (we don’t want to get second). 

Is it for this reason that an architect like you contacts us? To archive the final result together? 

Let’s go step by step, don’t run too fast, we’ll need our legs later.

Let’s start with the starting line, your idea, which also represents arrival, because the goal, I think you’ll agree with me, is to realize it.

So you start running, you develop the idea or the concept and you “sell” it to the client. 

And now? You can pass the “witness” and decide to contact us, so the race is up to us, to our network, and to all figures who compete to  achieve the goal(and you can catch some breath). 

Yes, architects like you come to us for three main reasons.

  1. They have developed and sold a concept or idea to their customer and are looking for someone to make it happen.
  2. They ask us to assess the costs and feasibility of the project.
  3. They are looking for a company to report to their customer to carry out part of the business or to perform the functions of a general construction company.

From the moment you contact us, as I say, you will not run alone, not because you can not do it, but because, I repeat, together it will be easier to realize your project.

I guess you’re wondering, “What does Gitaly do in her stretch of race?”.


You’re an experienced architect, so you’ll know what the pillars of a building are, but let’s say it again.

These are steel or reinforced concrete frames made of vertical pillars, which have the task of supporting the forces acting on it.

Well, we are not made of steel or concrete, but we perform the same function as the pillars for a building, we support you.

We’re not even standing still, and we do not prevail over you. 

I don’t want to make a telesale, listing you all the services that we offer you (and no pillows aren’t free, hands off).

I just want to say that we are trying, right from the start, to interpret and understand your idea, through an in-depth study of the project.

We then evaluate feasibility and budget, we provide detail drawings for each item, we search for the most suitable materials and furniture, we prototype and so we represent a solution idea that’s a detail of a piece of furniture or a sample room, we supervise the production, we take care of the purchases making use of our network, logistics, fit-out and installation.

We run a lot, to return to the famous relay race before, without skipping any passage and always guaranteeing quality.

This is to respect timing and budget, on the other hand for a good runner, time is everything.


«We make the point»

….all very nice, but let’s get to the point, were we really able to give life to the ideas of architects with whom we collaborated and then to do our part in the race? 

And how did we manage this collaboration?  

This time I will not follow the order, let us start from this last question.

How did we manage this collaboration… Well, I can tell you that the main aspects are a continuous communication and a constant exchange of information in order to learn the requests, needs, address issues, discuss any doubts, align, update and then continue according to a common logic.

And that’s what we’ve always done, organizing construction site meetings, calls, or even feeling daily on the phone like good old friends.

Secondly, I can say, from experience, that it is vitally important to facilitate the work of the other, putting your own experience into practice and preparing a clear and precise work.

Lastly, teamwork, and then having to set “your ego” and accept suggestions, advice, alternative proposals never stop in front of an element rejected by the architect, but rather take this thing as a challenge to do better.

Then you’ll understand better when I answer the first question.

To do this, imagine a little, I’ll give you some examples, yes my beloved examples.

«From Fossombrone to Taiwan»

For those who do not know, I imagine you will be in many, Fossombrone is a city located in the Marche (Italy), where our company is located.

What about Taiwan? Well you know it, but maybe you don’t know that in Taiwan there is the studio of the architect and designer Celia Chu with whom we collaborated for the Crowne Plaza Geneva project. 

In this case, the concept of the architect was clear, the design had to be focused on natural elements and then recall the idea of nature and gardens. 

The collaboration was not easy, the 8 hours of time zone did not help (it must be impossible to call), so we had to meet on many aspects. 

Celia Chu has prepared precise project management to facilitate the relationships, creating plants, concepts and detailed technical sheets for each material and furniture that we wanted and to which we had to adhere as much as possible.

Architect by profession.

We, on the other hand, have checked and researched every material, proposing similar alternatives in line with the original ones, as requested by the architect, to ensure that the choices better respected the budget and the functional aspects required.

In fact, many materials and products chosen by Celia Chu were not available in the European market, but only in the geographical area where the studio is located.

For this reason we have resorted to the network of our artisans and suppliers to find alternative solutions that could satisfy and be in line with the requests and wishes of the architect but at the same time respecting the budget and needs of the customer.

We always made mokeup and specifications for each support/ accessory, sent samples of materials, to be submitted to the approval of the architect.

Set of samples to be mubmitted to the approval of the architect - Gitaly contract

There were also meetings in our headquarters to better understand the architect’s design, compare and align.

Let us now answer the question: Have we succeeded in giving life to the idea of the architect?

Value yourself.

«Boho chic collaboration»

No, the title was not chosen at random, because the collaboration with the architect Patrick Ribes for the Hotel N’Vy project, was just in a boho chic style, like the Hotel on the other hand, for the multitude of finishes, materials, unique pieces, innovative solutions required. 

One among many? The architect wanted a suspended bed for the Hotel’s rooms.

Not being able to realize it because of constructive constraints, but wanting to satisfy the architect (I am an architect too and I know how frustrating it is not to see their ideas realized), we thought and we found a solution.

So we created a bed, surrounded by mirrors that reflect all the surfaces making it look suspended. This idea was designed and built, then improved in detail and the final cherry was the addition of light.

The requests, as already said, were many. 

In the dining area we made to measure, following the details of the architect’s drawings, a gray consisting of round elements painted one by one, which served as a separé.

Or again, in the public areas we built, also under the architect’s design, plasterboard columns in which a light was placed and these elements were painted in gold color.

Even the textures are special, in the lobby, for example, we installed a truly striking mosaic of Bosazza, not to mention the zebra wallpaper.  

The requests, as already said, were many. 

In the dining area we made to measure, following the details of the architect’s drawings, a gray consisting of round elements painted one by one, which served as a separé.

Or again, in the public areas we built, also under the architect’s design, plasterboard columns in which a light was placed and these elements were painted in gold color.

Even the textures are special, in the lobby, for example, we installed a truly striking mosaic of Bosazza, not to mention the zebra wallpaper.  

A treat for you? The architect predicted that in some rooms there was a window in the shower (really original idea for 2012). 

In others suites there is a bathtub glazed in three sides that in addition to repairing from sketches allows the light to leak from the window throughout the room, avoiding dark spaces.

What do I want to tell you? That we are able to manage and give life to the architect’s project even when, rightly, we are asked special requests for furniture, finishes, custom furniture and highly personalized, that can best respect his style and that of the customer.

Do you absolutely want a seat in your project but you want a material or a color not present in the sample? We’ll take care of it. We are still working on the realization of the famous donkeys that fly.

«Don’t you want to go to Zurich?»

Have a little more patience, I promise you this is the last example, but I wanted to tell you it so that you can have a complete picture.

What am I going to talk about? The Crowne Plaza, this time in Zurich.

And also here, another project, another architect: Guglielmo Ori.

Ah, I have to tell you something, sometimes it happens, that we call architects with whom we have pleasantly worked in the past, to support us in some projects (double convenience to work with us :P) and in this project it was so.

As always, at the design level we started from the drawings drawn by the architect and we refined the choices in terms of finishes, furnishings, lighting and decorations. 

To amaze the customer we have created custom elements, designed by Guglielmo, such as the bar counter and the breakfast counter, really unique pieces. 

For the restaurant of the Hotel, the design was longer because it should be attractive and have a certain visibility from the outside. 

In addition, the client decided to entrust the restaurant to a well-known franchise Theo Randall, so we had to adapt some choices to the franchise’s concept.

The concept for this area, idealized by the architect, was immediately clear, all the materials, the stylistic choices had to recall Italianness.

Render of architect - Gitaly contract

For the breakfast room instead, the architect, to meet the trend of experiential marketing, decided that the predominant element for all furniture was white marble to evoke the feeling of relaxation and tranquility in the guests, that relaxation and tranquility sought in the early morning.

For this reason, together with Guglielmo, we followed the laying and installation of the marble, paying attention to the various veins of this material, with the aim that the desired effect would result. 

Last thing, then I come to conclusions, I promise. 

To enhance, draw attention or enclose certain elements, have been created rectangles called “carpets” that break the continuous gray wood flooring, common to all three areas.

Each carpet reflects the features of the area in which it’s located, and, as I say, underlines and encloses some elements.

For example, in the breakfast room it was realized under the main counter to emphasize this particular element, while in the lobby, it was designed to enclose the seating area, and not give the idea of dispersion.

To meet this request, we had to look for suitable materials that best fit with the style of the reference area and reflected the idea of the architect

An example? In the restaurant area were inserted as a carpet of tiles in the shape of an octagon black with white squares that recall the motifs of the columns and the elements of the bar counter.

«Winning team doesn’t change»

Here we are, we’ve come to the conclusion, I promised you, and we always keep our promises, how we always respect your project.

You will have understood that we always try to do our best, so that your ideas, the solutions you designed, even more innovative and disparate, can be realized.

Of course, it’s not always easy, but I don’t want to talk about it here. I wrote another article about it (I’d be happy if I read it).

This time I just wanted to tell you about some aspects of collaborations with architects with whom we have worked.

Now, if it’s alright with you, before saying goodbye I would answer the question I asked you at the beginning (I’ll bring it back below, you don’t need to go up with the mouse).

Are we able to give life and respect your project?” The answer is yes. 

And I tell you more, we really want to continue to collaborate with architects like you, as we have done so far because all this is welcomed as a challenge by us, and then as they say “team that wins doesn’t change” and in these years, together, we won a lot.